After listening to the second grandfather’s expectations for me, Xiaochi was deeply encouraged. But Grandpa is also right, I will try my best to achieve the expectations I bear, I can not be arrogant and complacent, I do not know the height of heaven, I will continue to study modestly and steadfastly. Second Daughter-in-law stretched out her hand and rubbed the top of Li Chi’s head. « Little Chi can talk. Although he’s literary, he’s comfortable to listen to! » « It’s good for you to think so, Xiaochi! » « The little pool has really grown up! » …… The family said around Li Chi for a while before letting them go, « You also go back, so that the third sister-in-law and Li Qiao and Li Lin can be happy as soon as possible. » Because it was time to finish work and go home in the evening, Li Chi met several families one after another along the way. All the people in the village were related to each other, and when they met Li Chi on the way, they naturally had to ask questions. Knowing that he had won the first place in the county examination, they happily congratulated and praised him, and finally asked about the county examination. After Li Chi entered the village, they stopped and walked all the way, and when they finally got home, the sun had completely set. When Li Chi appeared outside the fence, the courtyard of the Li family was resting, serving meals, and preparing for dinner. He was also surprised to see the three of them come back. Koiko! Third brother! Why are you back? Li Qiao, who was resting, asked in surprise. Li Chi took the lead in entering the courtyard and said hello one by one: « Grandpa and grandma, uncle and uncle,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, mother, and aunt and aunt and brothers, Xiaochi came back after the county examination! » Li Dart quickly waved to his grandson, « Xiaochi, come here quickly! »! Have you finished the county exam? Has the list been released today? Did you pass the exam? yuan, who had not seen his grandson for seven days, was more concerned about his grandson’s hard work in the exam than his old man’s concern about whether he had passed the exam or not. « Xiaochi, you look thinner, but you don’t eat well and sleep well? »? Listen to your husband’s mother say,ultrasonic welding transducer, the exam is even harder than farming, my small pool is really suffering! Uncle, uncle, mother and aunts also came forward to ask, Li Chi did not know who to answer first for a while. I did well in the exam, ate well, slept well, and it was not hard. Fortunately, there are two Li Qi and Li Jiang, one said the results of the county examination, the other said the situation of the county examination at that time, and soon it was clear. The family was very happy to learn that Xiaochizi was the first one in the county examination! Hearing that they almost slept in the city God temple, they regretted that they had not gone to the county town in advance, and they were afraid that they had almost delayed the Xiaochizi exam. The family talked happily, and as they talked, they shared the things and gifts they brought back, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, and the family was even happier. I was so happy that I forgot to eat the dinner that had been served for a while, and when I finally remembered it after a while, the food was cold. But Wang, Zhao and Li Chi-niang Su were not unhappy at all. They happily went to reheat it again. They also fried twelve eggs that had been stored for more than ten days in a pot and divided them into two full bowls. Come on, all eat eggs! Li Dart blushed with joy, picked up chopsticks to eat scrambled eggs, « small pool in the county test case first, we celebrate first! »! When Xiaochi passes the examination in August, we will set up several banquets and invite the relatives in the village to be happy together! The atmosphere of the dinner was particularly warm, and the farmyard was jubilant all night. Chapter 22 The village was very lively for a while because Li Chi was the first one in the county examination. From the second day after returning to the village, Li Chi has been receiving the enthusiastic villagers and relatives who come to chat for several days in a row. Later, Li Jin, a teacher of clan studies, said that Li Chi should prepare for the government examination and let people not disturb him any more. Li Chi got clean again. Subsequently, Li Chi carefully carved a policy question every day. Counting what he had written before the county examination, he had almost finished writing all the possible problems in the Four Books and Five Classics. After writing, they rewrite those topics that are more likely to appear, although the topic paragraph is the same, but the starting point is different, the ink point is different, the feeling is different, and the articles written are naturally different.
On one occasion, Ertang Gelihe had nothing to do and sorted out the policy questions that Li Chi had written over the past two years. There were already more than five hundred articles. Even if each article was only one thousand words, there were already more than five hundred thousand words. During the period after the county examination and before the government examination, Li Chi mainly did two things: one was to review the Four Books and Five Classics and their annotated editions, and write a policy question every day to maintain his hand feeling and thinking sensitivity; the other was to discuss with Li Jiang, the elder brother of the hall, to expand the paper raw materials. In the course of the development of papermaking history, hemp paper with hemp as the raw material first appeared, followed by leather paper with Broussonetia papyrifera bark, mulberry bark, Shanya bark, rattan bark and other raw materials. The famous Xuan Paper in previous generations was leather paper with Pteroceltis tatarinowii bark as the raw material. Although Xuan Paper later became one of the four treasures of the study and became a substitute for brush writing paper, it was only leather paper at first. With the continuous development of pulping technology, at the end of the history of traditional papermaking, bamboo paper, which used bamboo as raw material, replaced hemp paper and leather paper and became the most important paper in the society at that time. At about the same time, there was also papyrus or fire paper made from straw stalks. Of course, modern paper with trees as its raw material is certainly not feasible in this era of manual and simple mechanical pulping. For Li Chi, whether it is hemp paper, leather paper or bamboo paper, the biggest difference between them lies in the pulping, followed by the addition of’paper potion ‘, the difference between paper-making and paper-drying, which can be distinguished by trying several times. Beating, however, is nothing more than the difference between the length of time and the size of effort. With the passage of time, Li Chi is more and more aware that the bottom civilians of this era have nothing else, that is, they have a body of labor, and they are not stingy with time and effort, even if the energy they pay is not equal to the harvest,ultrasonic dispersion machine, they will not give up as long as they have a harvest. After Li Chi talked about the village and its surroundings, what could be used to make paper raw materials, Li Jiang tried to go there one by one.

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