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Fairtrade Machu Picchu Coffee Beans 1kgNutty and chocolatey, this Fairtrade coffee is made from organic beans that are grown at high altitudes in the Inca heartland of the Andes. It has a smooth and rich taste with overtones of premium dark chocolate.This is a whole-bean coffee that can be used in any coffee maker regardless of whether it’s a filter, manual or pump. A 227g bag typically makes 30 cups of coffee.OrganicThe coffee’s chocolatey, nutty flavor comes from its high altitude home in the center of the Incas. & Soil Association certified coffee is grown at 1,400m above sea level in the Chanchamayo province of Peru where Arabica Caturra, Typica and Pache varieties are grown according to Washed Process standards without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides.These organic and fair trade coffee beans are hand-picked on the outskirts of the Andes and then expertly roasted to give a full-bodied flavour. The nutty flavor, combined with gorgeous dark chocolate overtones are sure to get you up from bed in the morning, and the fact that it’s a Fairtrade coffee helps ensure that the far-flung farmers who produce it are looked after too.750g bags are perfect for cafetieres and filter machines as well as Jugs. The coffee is ground to fit the equipment, so make sure you follow the instructions on your machine to determine the amount of coffee to make.FairtradeWhen you purchase this dark, rich coffee that has a full-bodied, rich flavor and a full-bodied flavor, you’re helping farmers all over the globe. Cafe Direct is among the UK’s leading fair-trade companies and invests more than half their profits in their farming communities.These are pure Arabica beans, hand-picked and grown organically at the foothills of Andes before being expertly roasted to create an intense flavor with overtones of fine dark chocolate. We are selling this coffee in large bags of 750g at a great price and it makes a really satisfying coffee drink after dinner. Enjoy!NuttyChocolatey, honey and nutty are just a few words that describe this award-winning coffee. This coffee is grown in the lush foothills of Peruvian Andes, close to Machu Picchu. It uses Arabica beans that are expertly roasted for an intense flavor.A rich, smooth and deliciously nutty cup with overtones of exquisite dark chocolate. This coffee is Fairtrade and organically certified, and meets the strict UK Organic standards, and supports the work of small producers in the world’s most disadvantaged countries.Brewing cafetiere: Put 1 heaped tablespoon of ground coffee into your cafetiere and pour water evenly over the grounds, allowing it to steep for 4 minutes. Enjoy.ChocolateyChocolatey and nutty, this organic coffee from Peru’s high altitudes is full-bodied and delicious. This Washed Process coffee is produced by smallholder farmers in the Chanchamayo area, located north of the ancient Machu Picchu ruin. Cafedirect have been working with farmers for 30 years and have invested more than half of all their products to support farming communities across the world to drive positive social and environmental impacts.These beans were carefully picked from the lush foothills of the and famous Inca Heartland in the Peruvian Andes. They were then expertly roasted to give the full-bodied flavor. This is a real delight and is perfect to enjoy after dinner. It has nutty notes with the hint of dark chocolate.This Machu Picchu whole-bean coffee is 100% organic and Fairtrade It is supported by the UK Soil Association ethical trading certificate. We purchase directly from the farmers themselves. This helps us keep our prices lower, which means more money for the farmers to invest in their families and land. This also means we can work closely with the farmers and provide them in their training and development to enable them to produce great quality coffees.

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