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Hearing what he said, Li Shu took the silver and told Zhao Shuliang about her plan. « Daughter-in-law will take her sister to read and write together every morning and do needlework with her sister in the afternoon. ». There are a lot of things in my sister’s dowry that we need to do at home. She can’t finish it by herself even if she has three pairs of hands. I have nothing to do, so I can help her. If we don’t understand something, ask sister-in-law again. Zhao Shuliang nodded, « you arranged very well, these things are left to you. ». Take your sister to do what you need to do by yourself first. If you need to buy it outside, wait until after the New Year. The wedding date is next autumn. It’s not urgent for the time being. Li Shu answered. Zhao Shuliang ordered Huiniang again, « Dad is a boor, but he didn’t think of letting you study. ». You only followed your second brother to recognize a few words. Although you can keep an account, you are worse than your second sister-in-law. Since you want to learn, you should learn seriously. Your brother and sister-in-law are all at home. If you don’t know, just ask them. It’s not a bad thing to learn more skills. Huiniang answered with a straight face. Zhao Shuliang also ordered Sun Shi, « Old people, you should pay more attention to family affairs in the future. » Sun said with a smile, « My daughter-in-law will do all she can without my father’s orders. ». My sister just follows your sister-in-law to study and do needlework. I’m at home. Zhao Shichong also laughed and said, « We are three brothers and sisters, and I will be the only one in the future. » Zhao Shijian smiled, « the eldest brother is modest, Wen has Wen Dao, Wu has Wu Dao, the eldest brother works hard all day, but we are idle at home. » Zhao Shichong squinted at him,side impact door beams, « the second child is more polite now, and I don’t know which silly boy he was when he was a child. » Sun Shi hurriedly said to him, « Officer, the second uncle is now an adult, how can he make fun of things when he was a child? » Zhao Shijian laughed, « sister-in-law need not worry, we two fight from childhood to adulthood, I can not suffer less. ». Speaking of it,aluminium coated steel tube, the first time I bought a bracelet for Shu Niang, I asked my eldest brother to borrow a few taels of silver, but I haven’t returned it yet. My eldest brother has been beating me every day since I was a child. I don’t want this silver. Zhao Shichong smiled, « If you can beat me and make me unable to fight back, I will not only give up this silver, but also give you silver. » Zhao Shuliang sat on it and saw his two sons laughing and smiling. If his wife were still there, he would not know how happy he would be to see the harmony between his brothers and sisters-in-law. The two brothers talked and laughed for a while, and then went back to their rooms with their daughters-in-law. The next day, Li Shu got up early and dug Zhao Shijian out of bed. Jade Niang sent hot water, Li Shu after washing, picked a set of bright red embroidered full of pomegranate flowers dress, with the same color embroidered shoes. Jade Niang gave her a bun that little women like nowadays, and Li Shu wore a few kinds of jewel-inlaid head and face given by Minliang yuan in her dowry. That set of head and face add up to a total of more than a dozen kinds, Li Shu is young, if all inserted in the head, can not help but nondescript, stainless steel tube 304 ,impact beam tubes, so she only picked a few kinds. A gold Buyao is inserted on the right side, with a thumb-sized ruby falling below it. Two gold hairpins are used to fix the bun again. At the top of each hairpin are two five-petal plum blossoms with gold wires intertwined. The top of the five petals are inlaid with five small gems of different colors, with a larger ruby in the middle. Another hairpin is worn obliquely on the upper left of the forehead; On the ear is a gold ruby eardrop, on the wrist is a pair of gold bracelets inlaid with various precious stones, on the finger is only a gold ring, the top of the ring is also a plum blossom wrapped with gold wire, a small ruby in the middle of the plum blossom. After wearing the jewelry and applying a little makeup, the whole person was suddenly very bright and gorgeous. As soon as Zhao Shijian got up from the bed, he saw that there was a pretty and moving little woman in the room. He was busy praising her, « Lady is really beautiful today. » Li Shu smiled at him, « Don’t be garrulous, wash your face quickly, and I’ll comb your hair. ». Jade Niang, find out the sky-blue robe of the son-in-law, match it with the newly made rope, and tie the Pisces jade pendant. Jade Niang did it one by one. Zhao Shijian washed his face quickly and sat down beside the dressing table. Li Shu rubbed some balm on his face and slowly wiped it evenly. Zhao Shijian smiled, « I am now beginning to paint with my wife. ».
” Li Shu patted him gently on the face, « don’t be garrulous, there is wind outside, the weather is dry, do not rub some cream, the face will peel. ». I like a pretty boy. Two people talk and laugh kung fu, Li Shu helped Zhao Shijian to comb his hair, tied it with a belt, and buckled a jade ring on it. Then he pulled him up and put on a new robe and tied a new jade belt around his waist. Zhao Shijian was originally handsome, but now he is tall. At the age of ten, he has both the elegance of a scholar and the heroism of a martial arts practitioner, which makes him outstanding in the crowd. Li Shu turned around him twice, the more he looked, the more happy he was. He jumped on his face and said, « The officer is really good-looking. » Then I got tired of him and didn’t want to come down. Zhao Shijian took the opportunity to embrace her and steal a mouthful in her face, « Lady is more beautiful. » Two people early in the morning so greasy crooked, completely when the side of the jade Niang does not exist. Jade Niang has been used to, the first few years when Sanniangzi was still young, the son-in-law was so sweet, and now that they are married, no one can control him. The two of them were bored and went to the main hall together. Breakfast was already on the table, Zhao Shuliang was sitting upright, Zhao Shichong was sitting on one side, and Huiniang had just opened the curtain and came out of the Westinghouse. Zhao Shijian and his wife saluted Zhao Shuliang, « Dad. » Zhao Shuliang took one look at the two of them and saw that the youngest son and his wife were both wearing new clothes and looked quite decent. He nodded, « Go to the Li family today. The second brother will say hello to your father-in-law and mother-in-law for me. When I am free, I will visit your father-in-law. ». The second child’s family, you go back to the door today, and you can take whatever you have at home. If you want to buy something on the way, pick up the good ones and don’t think about saving money. Li Shu quickly bent her knees, « thank you, Dad. » Hui-niang smiled. « Second sister-in-law is really beautiful today. This head and face must be awarded by the empress in the palace. If you go to the silver building, you will get at least a few hundred taels of silver. » Li Shu laughed and said,aluminium coated tubes, « Sister has a good eye. This is my best set of head and face. ». How can our family afford such a purchase, or thanks to the big sister’s blessing, I can be so bright once. 。

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