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How to Choose the Best Double StrollerThere are many options available in the field of double strollers. Katie Billingsley, a child development expert and mother, was able to help us select the best one for you.It is recommended to choose a stroller which is easy to fold and push to carry. Also, consider a stroller that’s versatile enough to accommodate two infant car seats or a toddler as well as an adult rider board.SafetyLook for a double-stroller that comes with all-terrain tires and a brake that is operated with a hand if you want to ensure your children are safe when walking. These brakes and wheels will allow you to navigate paths and dirt without worrying about your children slipping or rolling. The best double strollers also come with plenty of storage space for gear as well as kids-sized items like snacks and toys.The first step to choosing the right double stroller is to figure out the age of your children and how far apart they are. Most double strollers can only allow one child seat, but those do come with various configurations so that you can pick the seat that best suits your kids and your lifestyle.Side-by-side doubles are a classic choice, and they’re perfect for children of similar ages who want to play with one another. Some double-decker designs allow you to put one of the seats over the other, or attach a riderboard for older siblings. Newborns can be snuggled into an infant bassinet that is attached to the frame or in a standalone attachment that allows you to have a peek-a-boo view of your baby. If you are expecting twins or already have twins, then a twin stroller will be the best option.For families who are more adventurous opt for a double stroller that can take on off-road terrains or even hiking. Many of these strollers have been designed with active parents in mind, and have features that let you take your kids to any adventure, regardless of how rough the path or how steep the climbs might be.In addition to all-terrain tires, the best double strollers have thoughtful features that make navigating tough terrain and weather easier. For example this jogging stroller comes with a wrist loop for your child so you’ll be able to ensure that they’re safe when you run downhill or at higher speeds. It also features a canopy with full coverage that is ventilated to keep your kids cool during the summer heat.This model is a lightweight and compact double stroller from Joovy. It weighs just over 23 pounds, which makes it lighter than other single strollers, and ideal for air travel or storage in trunks or overhead compartments. Plus, it has a huge storage basket and a one-step linked parking brake that’s easy to use.SeatingContrary to the giant strollers of old the modern double strollers are sleek and can accommodate an array of configurations to fit families. Some are used as traditional side-by-side strollers while others – like the Baby Trend Sit ‘N Stand Double Stroller–function as a base that car seats, toddler seats, or bassinets snap into. They come in various widths and weight limits, allowing infants and children up to kindergarten.A quality double stroller should be easy to fold and maneuver and allows you to adjust your handlebar height to ensure that you feel at ease on all your outings. A good handlebar is easy to grip and should encourage you to walk in a logical manner (ask for tips from other parents). It should have a range of storage options that can accommodate all the necessities your children need.If your twins are similar age, a tandem stroller may be the ideal option for your family. The seats on these models sit in a row, allowing you to be able to interact with them both and keep an eye on them at the same time. They can also recline separately so that one child can sleep while the other is awake and ready to go.The drawback of a twin stroller can be that it is larger than one designed that is designed for a single occupant. This makes it more difficult to navigate narrow aisles for stores, doors or the sidewalks. For some families, the advantages are worth the extra size and effort.If you’re looking for a small double-stroller, then the UPPAbaby V2 Double is a good option. Its shock absorption, streamlined design and the capacity to accommodate two infant car seats–plus an optional running board for mobile older children–make it an ideal choice for city living.Another alternative is a wagon-style double stroller, like the Delta Children LX Side-by-Side Stroller. This basic model comes with a lot of seating space and storage, plus heavy-duty wheels that manage any terrain. It also comes with an SPF canopy that is 50+ and a handlebar that can be adjusted. But some parents say the seats are a little too low and don’t recline completely to a flat position, making it difficult for smaller children to sit comfortably or reach their snack trays.User-FriendlinessA double stroller is often an investment you’re hoping to use for a long time. When choosing a stroller you need to ensure that it is easy to use and clean. The top double strollers have been developed to be easy-to-use and come with many useful features.For small double buggy , all the strollers we tested fold easily and compactly (with only one hand!). They’re also light, making them ideal for travel. A lot of them fit into most trunks and can be gate-checked on airplanes. In addition, the majority of our testers found that their strollers folded down to a smaller size than their single-seat counterparts and some even came with a carry strap for convenient carrying.If you’re looking for a versatile double stroller that can adapt to your family’s needs take a look at the Valco Snap Duo Trend. This side-byside stroller is compatible with infant car seats and other accessories. It can be used from birth to preschool age. Each seat comes with five points of harness, a large canopy and ample sun protection.The Joovy Twin Roo is another option that is highly regarded. This stroller is lightweight compact and weighs only weighs 22 pounds when folded. The front seat reclines to a flat position, and the back seat can be adjusted to fit each child. There’s a huge storage basket and a simple, one-step linked parking brake that makes this stroller extremely user-friendly and easy to maneuver.The only negatives of the Joovy Twin Roo were minor and specific to this particular model. Kerry says that the packaging was enjoyable and clever, however it came in five boxes which could be an inconvenience to carry around. She also found the Genuis magnetic clasp somewhat awkward, and it took her some time before she could master it. She was satisfied with the stroller at the end and would recommend it.StoresStrollers come in all sizes and shapes, ranging from side-by-side doubles to tandem (single-file seating) designs, and many allow you to customize your layout by adding a bassinet or a car seat attachment. Some have rider boards that can be added to accommodate older siblings. There are many different types of rider boards. Some are lightweight and easy to use, whereas others are heavy, bulky and difficult to fold.If you’re seeking a stroller with a light weight that can fit two children and two children, the Joovy Caboose Graphite is a great option. It was the lightest option during our tests. It weighs close to 23 lbs and is also simple to fold, but it still has all of the features parents need for a fun outing with two kids.The UPPAbaby Vista v2 Double is a different model that our testers adored especially for its sleek design and easy to use. It can accommodate two infant car seats, or a toddler’s seat and a bassinet without the need for adapters. Its rear seat can be removed to transform it into a triple or quad stroller. It has a huge storage basket that can be upgraded to include an organizer for parents with wheels for all-terrain and side storage bags.Billingsley says that the most suitable double stroller to use for toddlers is one with multiple customization options. This includes a seat or bassinet that can be removed. Toddlers are typically weak in endurance, and strollers with a bassinet attached will give them a safe space for them to rest. She says that a double stroller must also have a great recline position and harness system as well as plenty of storage space for toys and snacks.The ZOE Twin+ is a popular choice for parents because of its light weight and versatility. It’s gate-check-friendly for airlines and fits through most doors (without having to remove the front wheels) and can be expanded into a quad or triple stroller with an added tandem seat. Its nearly flat, independently reclined seats, sun canopy with extra-long lengths and adjustable footrests are additional highlights, while its large underseat storage basket as well as the inclusion of kid and parent cup holders complete the impressive list of features. The one downside, according to Taylor the manufacturer, is that it doesn’t have a a small footprint when folded and can be difficult to stow.

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