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Integrated Fridge FreezersHidden behind subtly integrated fascias concealed behind subtly integrated fascias, fridge freezers are an integral element of your dream kitchen. Don’t be deceived they’re stuffed with a wealth of storage space and sophisticated technology like wine racks, four door shelves, and twin vegetable and fruit bins.They can also come with Hettich or Ingol hinges, which ensure long-lasting performance.SizeIntegrated fridge-freezers are designed to be inserted directly into your cabinetry. They tend to be smaller than freestanding models. They’re an ideal choice if looking for a sleek and modern appliance that blends with your cabinetry and counters. They’re also a great option if you don’t have room in your home for an additional freezer.If you’re considering an integrated refrigerator freezer you should consider a few things. For one, they tend to be more expensive than freestanding models. This is due to the extra cost of purchasing and installing a fridge cabinet as well as kitchen cabinet doors and a bridging cabinet in order to integrate the refrigerator.It is also important to remember that fridge freezers with integrated refrigerators can be difficult for service. This is due to the fact that the refrigerator needs to be removed from its housing cabinet and the doors to the kitchen cabinet have to be re-hung, which could take months or even weeks. Therefore, it is essential to hire an experienced kitchen fitter who will be able to complete the task correctly.It is crucial to measure the size of the space prior to purchasing a new integrated refrigerator freezer. Make sure to leave some space on between the two sides of the appliance to ensure you can open the doors. It’s also recommended to take a take a look at the hinges of the refrigerator. Many models that are cheap have hinges that aren’t designed to support the weight of a refrigerator and can break after a couple of months.Refrigerators with integrated fridge freezers are available in different width sizes that can help maximize your storage. The depth of the fridge can also affect the kitchen cabinets. For example, if you’re planning to install tall cabinets over the refrigerator then you may need to have the appliance built in a custom-length to ensure that it will fit. Check that the ventilation of the fridge has been cut in the correct way. If not, you may have issues in the future.StyleThe decision of whether to purchase an freestanding or integrated fridge freezer is one that will impact the design of your kitchen for some time to come and it’s crucial to take a number of factors into account before making any decision. The integrated fridge freezer is often preferred over freestanding models because they offer an elegant and seamless appearance to your kitchen. They’re designed to blend with cabinets rather than stand out and occupying the space.They are typically close to the cabinetry and counters with their doors set so they don’t protrude. They are often panel-ready for an elegant look to your kitchen. Some also have stainless steel fronts that give them a more stylish and modern appearance.Despite their appearance, they do not sacrifice storage space as the freezer compartment can be quite large and is typically located in the lower part of the appliance to provide ample space for your frozen goods. There is also a range of widths available. The majority of brands offer between 20 and 24 inches in width, which is larger than freestanding freezers.Because of their appearance and the fact that they are built into your kitchen, you will probably find integrated fridges to be more expensive than freezers for freestanding fridges. This is mainly because the cost of a fridge housing cabinet and kitchen cabinets to make the surround will push up the overall price.They can also be more difficult to move when you decide to move house which could be a problem for some. You will have to remove the entire appliance and cabinetry. It’s not as easy as disconnecting the appliance and then getting it removed like the freestanding model.Integrated refrigerators are more difficult to repair since they are a part of your kitchen. If there is a problem, you will need a fridge engineer to take apart and replace any damaged components. This can be a costly process and is certainly more expensive than simply buying a new fridge freezer as an alternative.Energy efficiencyA high-efficiency integrated refrigerator freezer will lower your monthly household bills. It also conserves energy by cutting down on the time it needs to run, and it’ll be more eco-friendly by using less energy. Make sure you buy a model with an A or B energy rating to make a huge difference.Contrary to freestanding models that have their own housing integrated models are built into the cabinetry. This lets the fridge blend seamlessly into the kitchen design and create an elegant, uniform appearance. Some models have sliding doors that permit you to open the fridge without opening the cabinet door. Others are panel-ready, meaning that they can be layered with a cabinet door to disguise the refrigerator behind cabinets in the kitchen.The drawback of fridge freezers with integrated refrigerators is that they’re typically more expensive than freestanding alternatives. This is partly because they’re produced in smaller volumes and are more of a luxury market however it’s also due to the extra costs involved in the installation process. The additional hinges and panels are a major reason as are the additional costs of having to make your furniture fit in the refrigerator.Certain fridge freezers that are integrated require more maintenance, while others need to be defrosted frequently to get rid of ice accumulation. Beko’s integrated fridge freezers feature frost-free technology that makes it easier to maintain and minimize defrosting.Another factor to consider is the capacity of a refrigerator/freezer integrated. The larger the litres, the more food can be stored. Find models that have at minimum 150 litres in the fridge and up to 350 litres for the freezer. You can choose from a range of storage options, such as shelves that are flexible and drawers which provide ample space for fresh produce, or bottle racks to store larger milk bottles. There are also fridge freezers with a 50/50 split that can be used for freezing and chilling food items.StorageThe main benefit of integrated refrigerator freezer s is that they take up less space than freestanding models. This lets you make the most out of your kitchen. They can also be positioned flush with cabinets and counters and blend into an elegant look. However, this design means that they have a lower storage capacity than freestanding models.In addition, they’re typically more expensive to buy and run than freestanding fridge freezers with the same specifications. This is due to several factors, including their high cost of development and production, the fact they are considered a luxury item, and the extra installation and customizing costs.It is also more difficult to maintain integrated fridge freezers than freestanding counterparts. This is especially true when you purchase a cheap integrated fridge freezer that has hinges that are poorly constructed, and can break easily over the course of time.Choosing the right integrated fridge freezer for your home will be contingent on the size of your household and your storage needs. You should also take into consideration how much food will be storing in your fridge, and whether you will be storing large platters or frozen foods. The majority of integrated fridge freezers will have a capacity between 150 and 350 litres which can store up to 19 shopping bags.The best integrated refrigerator freezers offer features that keep your food healthy and fresh. Some models will come with airflow technology, which circulates cool air throughout the shelves, while others will have antibacterial linings that reduce the smell. Some models have a quick-freeze feature that decreases the temperature inside your freezer quickly which allows you to store fresh food products without them forming solid.If you want to keep your meat, fish and dairy products at a certain temperature, then look for integrated refrigerator freezers that have a BioFresh section. These compartments are maintained at a low humidity and will keep your fish, meat and dairy fresher for longer than a typical fridge freezer. In addition, vegetables and fruits are kept more crisp for longer in a HydroSafe compartment that is maintained at a higher level of humidity.

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