Forget about airline mileage or FlyBuys reward points, these VISA cards pay instant cryptocurrency into your wallet. Sweet. Additionally, the cards affect your credit score the same way as a traditional card, and there may be fees attached to using the card such as annual fees or transaction fees. Make sure to check the terms and conditions for each card to understand what rules apply. You can top up your card using your Fiat Wallet, Crypto Wallet, or credit/debit card in the App. Go to the ‘Card’ tab, tap ‘Top Up’, and select your preferred method. There are 4 icons on the screen. 1 is if you want to buy cryptocurrency. 2 is if you want to sell a cryptocurrency you have. 3. You could buy gift cards, top-up your mobile, scan and paying directly via the QR code with CRO tokens, and send crypto to your friends directly. 4th option is Transfer. With this one, you could deposit or cryptocurrency in the App or withdraw crypto to external wallets.

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