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Startled, I frowned and thought, « That number three is not that kid, is it? »? It is hard to imagine that a prime minister’s family has such a master. It is true that there is no one to teach in life. I was born to hate this kind of person who does not produce but still looks like an overweening person. Sure enough, I saw the arrogant girl swaggering in. She said she was old when she was three years old. I think she is stereotyped. She shouted, « Don’t move quickly. ». Sweating profusely, the attendant carried bags of things to the third area. As soon as he put down the things in his hands, he hurried out. No, the other two of us looked at each other coincidentally, and then saw that the little attendant had carried no less than those things just now. It was twice as much as No.23 and three times as much as No.13. I don’t know how many times it was. Just as she was wondering if she had moved her family in, the little boy’s harsh laughter rang out: « Ha ha ha.. » I can’t believe that you bitch live in the same room with me and see how I will punish you in the future. « God really helps me. » Heh. « You think this is your backyard, ah, as cheap as you are, you’d better not provoke me, or be careful that I beat you don’t recognize your mother, » I smiled and squinted at her and said. You « How dare you touch me, bitch? » She shouted angrily, pointing at me in front of me. You can try it. « I gently pushed away her eyesore fingers with my hand and looked into her eyes coldly. After a pause, I said, » Roommate No.3,304 Stainless Steel Bar, if you forget, please allow your Roommate No.33 to remind you to review the imperial edict of our great majesty again. « I continued to the swollen red face: » You can only use numbers to address each other. During the training period, they are not allowed to inform each other of their names and family background. Those who disobey the order will be punished as the crime of deceiving the king. My third roommate, do you want to deceive the king? « I asked with a smile, hum.. You’re too young to fight me. You Bitch. You’re talking nonsense. « See my eyes to her, change your words quickly. ». Running out of words so soon. I pulled the corners of my mouth and thought with a smile. Pretending to be careful, he asked in a low voice, « You mean … » The imperial edict is wrong. You You I did not deceive you. « Then he fled to his own area,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, and when he saw that the little attendant had not packed up, he beat and scolded the little attendant. » To be convenient with others is to be convenient with oneself. « I really couldn’t bear to look at it, so I said something. ». When I saw the others looking at me, I glanced at them and stopped talking to collect my things. In fact, there is nothing to collect, is to put the four treasures of the study on the table, really did not expect to meet with this evil star, there will be trouble in the future. I’m a little irritable, and I don’t know what’s going on over there. I have to practice my calligraphy. Writing is actually the best way to get rid of worries and meditate. You Hearing what I said, he turned around and looked at me, the expression of daring to be angry but not to speak, alas. Rich lady, you are really nothing after leaving the shelter of the prime minister’s mansion. Chapter 13 Holding the newly issued school rules in my hand, there are ten pages of paper, stainless steel welded pipe ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, turning over and over, confused, spinning ice is not there, facing these pieces of paper, my mind is blank, the words inside I can understand are really very few. Look at thirteen, twenty-three, even the little kid is reading carefully, illiterate. Backward.. Self-spurning, face is really nothing, modest consultation is the virtue of our China, to make effective use of it. Looked at the three men again, finally locked the target on the opposite side, touched the chin, well. Number 13 should be more friendly. Maybe I can ask her to explain it to me in detail. Thirteen.. Smiling, I stepped forward and greeted him affectionately. Seeing that I came forward to say hello with a smile on my face, No.13 raised his head and looked at me in surprise. After that, he felt as if he was a little rude. He quickly put down the school rules in his hand and got up to write: « Thirty-three. » « Have you finished reading this? » I raised the school rules in my hand to No.13.  » After a cursory glance, « Thirteen looked at the school rules raised in my hand and replied politely. » You can read it all. « I listened and took a step forward excitedly. ». Thirteen saw me step forward and took a step back in fright, nodding his head strangely. Great, I knew you were good.. That one Can you explain these things to me? « I sat beside her and said happily. ».
Up to now, not being able to read is still a scar of mine. Although I don’t want to mention it, it is also a reality I have to face. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is wealth. I saw thirteen looked at me with a stunned face. After half a ring, he said strangely, « You can’t read, can you? ». Is it strange that you can’t read? I looked at the other two members in a strange way, only to see them looking at me with a strange face. I touched my head. I didn’t touch the bottom line that I shouldn’t touch, did I? Later, I learned that the members of the four big families who could not read were as impossible as the snow in June, and it was even more inconceivable that I, who could not read, could come to participate in the first pull. Because there is a clear stipulation in the four families that all members of the four families must know all the words before the age of ten, and if they fail, they will be kicked out of the family, let alone participate in such a selection. But perhaps this body is literate, but this body is now inhabited by another person. How interesting I touched my head uncomfortably, giggled twice and said, « I don’t know everything, so I came to ask you for advice. » I’ll teach you. « A voice sounded in my ear, and the school rules in my hand were taken away. ». I looked back and saw number twenty-three saying to me. No It’s not that I don’t want to teach, I just feel a little surprised that you can’t read, because it’s really not like « the 13th saw the 23rd take away the school rules in my hand, and quickly recovered, and said with a red face. » Ha-ha The arrogant voice rang again. Can’t read.. That’s funny.. Unexpectedly, some of the people who came to the selection this time could not read. Ignore. Tinnitus. Really disgusted, I no longer pay attention to the harsh voice,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, said happily to the two people: « Then you two teach me together. ». When three people walk together, there must be my teacher. In this way, my progress will be faster.

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