The old man said, « Young people are full of vigor and vitality, and only those who are full of vigor and vitality have the courage to go all out, so I call this group The tiger group, because they are just like the newborn tiger, they will be afraid of anything. « But isn’t it inevitable that young people are inexperienced? »? The old man said, « Experience is important, but when it comes to the real battle of life and death, it is far less important than courage. ». Feng Feng said, « Did you train them for this battle? » The old man nodded. « Keep the troops for a thousand days in one day, » he said. « They’ve been waiting a long time for everyone to fight this war. Have realized how important this war is to them. Feng Feng blinked and said, « I don’t understand yet. » « I have promised them, » said the old man, « that as long as this victory is won, everyone alive can enjoy the splendor and wealth. Health, if this’battle ‘is lost. Everyone has a dead end. Feng Feng Yan ran way, « of course they know, as long as the old man promised never not count! » The old man said, « So now not only is their morale very high. » And they have all made up their minds. Feng Feng said,a333 grade 6 pipe, « Now, have you mobilized all of them to Feipeng Fort? » The old man said/not bad. « Have you made an appointment with them to attack on the seventh day of the first lunar month? » « Noon on the seventh day, » said the old man. Feng Feng said, « You attack from the front, and of course they attack from the rear. » The old man nodded and said, « Although I haven’t read the art of war, I also know how to attack from both sides and make a feint to the east and attack in the west. » The truth of « taking the void by surprise and attacking the unprepared » Feng Feng also laughed and said,316l stainless steel pipe, « You said that those of them are just like a newborn tiger, and they are determined to win with this. » Spirit, already small, is the old and weak soldiers of Feipeng Fort can resist. The old man said, « Although the guard of Feipeng Fort can not be said to be an old and weak soldier, no one has dared to surpass Feipeng Fort in the past ten years. » Lei Chibu has lived a stable life for a long time, and everyone can’t avoid negligence. Feng Feng said, « Even a swift horse will have a fat waist if it doesn’t go to the battlefield for a long time. » The old man gazed at her and said with a smile, « I can’t believe you’ve done a lot of things. » He suddenly felt that it was a pleasant thing to talk with Fengfeng, because no matter what he said, Fengfeng could understand. For a lonely old man, this is really more important than anything else. Feng Feng spat out a long airway. « Now I understand why you are so sure. » The old man’s ambition was depressed and he said slowly, « but I forgot what I said. » « What words? » The old man said in a deep voice, 347 stainless steel ,316 stainless steel plate, « No matter what a person does, he can’t be too sure. » Feng Feng’s face also heavy up, slowly nodded silently way, « now you understand that a note must have. » Be eaten. The old man said, « Although I didn’t tell you all about the plan, Lu Xiangchuan was already suspicious, and of course he would never. » Let them go. Feng Feng said, « Of course, those young warriors will also know that there has been a change on your side. » The old man said sadly, « Even if they heard the news, they would never believe it. » He knew that they trusted in him as believers trust in God. Because the old man is their God, the God who will never be defeated. « So they will certainly attack at noon on the seventh day of the first lunar month as planned. » The old man nodded. His eyes could not help showing sadness. Because he could imagine what had happened to them. These young people are like moths now, when they fly to the fire, but they think they are finally close to the light. Ming. Maybe they will think they are flying in the right direction until they are buried in the fire. Because the old man instructed them in this direction. The old man hung his head and suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart, which went straight to his stomach. He felt guilty for the first time in his life. He found that this feeling was even more painful than hatred and anger. Feng Feng also hung his head and remained silent for a long time, sighing, « You must have spent a lot of time training this group of young people. » How painstaking? The old man clenched his hands and pierced his flesh with his fingers. There was one thing that he always thought was very interesting later. When he was middle-aged, his nails grew faster.
Feng Feng was silent for a long time and suddenly raised his head and stared at him. « Do you want to see him now? » Were they eaten? The old man was silent for a long time and said slowly, « I thought what I was holding in my hand was the idea of eating, but it was. » Unified compensation. Feng Feng Dao, « so you. » The old man said, « If an individual takes the idea of deputy unified compensation, he can only compensate. » « But now you still have a chance to turn defeat into victory. » « No, » said the old man. Feng Feng shouted, « Yes, there must be, because the idea in your hand is not shown now. » The old man said, « Even if it hasn’t come out yet, no one can change it. » Feng Feng said, « Why did you forget what you said again? There is no absolute thing in the world. » The old man said, « I haven’t forgotten, but. » Feng Feng interrupted him and said, « Why don’t you ask Ma Fangzhong to inform the people of the Tiger Group and tell them the plan? » Has the stroke been changed? « Because I don’t dare to take risks now, » said the old man. Feng Feng said, « It’s a risk. Don’t you trust him very much? » The old man did not answer. He doesn’t want to be known too much by Feng Feng or anyone else. If Ma Fangzhong does not die, he will never have the heart to let his wife and children die first! This is human nature. Ma Fangzhong is a man. If his wife and children do not die, they will inevitably reveal the old man’s secret. Women and children are not people who are willing to sacrifice everything to keep secrets for others. The old man thought more than others, so he didn’t dare to take any more risks. He can’t afford to lose now. So he just sighed and said, « Even if I wanted to, it’s too late now. » « It’s not too late, » said Feng Feng. She did not let the old man open his mouth and quickly went on to say, « It’s still the fifth day of the first lunar month, at least twenty from noon on the seventh day of the first lunar month. » An hour is enough to get to Feipeng Fort. There is no daylight in this place. How can she calculate the time? Because women are sometimes like wild animals,uns s31803 sheet, they often have a very mysterious sixth sense about something. The old man knew that, so he didn’t argue. All he asked was, « Who can I call now? » Feng Feng Dao « I » The old man laughed as if he had heard something he couldn’t laugh at.

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