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The strange man looked at the man of the Iron Arm Demon King for a while, and seemed to be very satisfied. Then he bent over and carved the five words « Western Monk Iron Arm Demon King » on the stone slab on the left of the Demon King’s feet with the force of King Kong’s fingers. Yu Lin saw the situation one by one, and the old man was puzzled. How did Tang Songnian, the Iron Arm Demon King, suddenly become the « Western Monk Iron Arm Demon King »? Just as he was wondering, the strange man with iron feet and bird toes handed him a long sword and said, « Little boy, now you can press this sword in the hand of the iron-armed demon king and correct it according to the posture you want in your heart. » Yulin took the sword, thinking that this mysterious iron-footed monster, like a God, knew everything in his heart like the palm of his hand. Isn’t it very strange? After a slight hesitation, he replied, « The younger generation has little talent and learning. How dare they realize the sword moves of Chuanggui School? » The strange man with iron arm laughed and said, « I know you can tell. Just do it. » « In that case, » said Yulin, « the younger generation will have to make a fool of themselves. » With that, he pressed the sword into the hand of the demon king, pondered a little, and then corrected the sword style he had come up with, the arm of the factory king, and the body shape according to what he thought in his heart. Although the body of the demon king was very stiff, it could be twisted at will, and the posture of his twisting did not change at all. He thought he was satisfied with everything, so he stepped back and took a closer look at the swordsmanship. It was just right that he touched the dragon’s eye in the eleven swordsmanship, and he couldn’t help being very happy! The strange man with iron feet looked at it and said with a laugh, « The little boy really has a good understanding. He is a great talent in martial arts! »! Good move, good move! Old man in this respect,Drive in racking system, really sigh not as good as! At this point, he suddenly stopped, pondered a little, and then said, « Little boy, let me ask you why you don’t want to be a disciple of my Taiyi School. » Yulin thought for a moment and replied, « The elder generation should know that everyone has his own ambition and cannot be strong against each other. If you want the younger generation to say it directly, that is, although your school’s martial arts are strange and mysterious, the younger generation admires them very much. However,long span shelving, the strongman of your school is an apprentice, and if he doesn’t want to, he will kill him. The younger generation really doesn’t think so! » The strange man with iron feet straightened his face and said solemnly, « You’re wrong, little boy! »! Do you think all these people were made by killing them by our faction? I might as well tell you the truth: There have been eleven generations since the founding of this school by the Patriarch, but no one has been able to enter this ancient tomb. Although the « Eight Types of Ancient Tomb » are clearly placed outside the tomb, no one has recognized it except you so far. At this point, he pointed to the first one and said solemnly, « This is the remains of the founder of our school, the Taoist Yunzhong. The second one is also the second generation of teachers. His name is Jiuru Taoist. ». The third is a lonely old man of three generations, the fourth is a swordsman of four generations, the fifth is a sword of Qixia, the sixth is the holy hand of the first teacher, the seventh is Xiaoyao Jushi, the eighth is a substitute for the old man, named Su Zexu of Dongping, the ninth is the ninth generation disciple Zhangsun Murong girl, and the tenth is the tenth generation disciple Zhongyuan woman. That is, eleven generations of disciples Xu Shixian, Steel racking system ,Pallet rack beams, as for this twelfth, should be your substitute, who he is you already know, don’t say it again. After a pause, the Iron-footed Monster continued, « Of these twelve people, except for Su Zexu in Dongping and the Western Monk Tiejianlijun, all of them were teachers or disciples of our school who received this tomb after their death. As for Su Zexu in Dongping, although he was not a disciple of our school, he was a close friend of the old man before his death. Because of his excellent swordsmanship attainments, he once learned the continuation of the swordsmanship for the old man. Unfortunately, Xu Shixian, the 11th generation disciple of this school, died in a Wulin tragedy at the same time, and was collected here by the old man.
As for the identity of the old man, he is the eighth generation disciple of Taiyi School. Since the tragic death of the eleventh generation disciple Xu Shixian, there has been no successor.. With a slight sigh, the Iron-footed Weirdo added with a sigh of regret, « The founder of this school stipulated that his disciples should be handed down alone, so he is very weak in Jianghu. I am over one hundred and fifty years old, and I know that I am going to die. Seeing that I have been a disciple of Taiyi School for eleven generations, I will die out. In the past twenty years, I have met a lot of people, but due to the strict selection of my disciples, no one can pass the test of the first pass! Now although meet good talent, but each person has his own ambition, the old man from inconvenience, but the patriarch’s legacy, who enter this tomb, if not a disciple of this school, will die in this tomb. Little boy, your martial arts are excellent, but it’s very difficult to get out of this tomb. For the sake of my benefactor and disciple, I made an exception to accept you as a registered disciple of the 12th generation of our school. This is the only alternative. But what do you think? After listening to the words of the Iron-footed Weirdo, Yulin was very sympathetic to the decline of Taijimen. He knew that this ancient tomb was full of traps. What the Weirdo said was by no means false. Since he had learned the martial arts that others did not pass on, if he refused even a registered disciple, it would be unreasonable in terms of human relations. It would be better to promise to come down and explain the process when he saw the master later, when he could get the understanding of his teacher. Isn’t it the best of both worlds? Think of here, answer with pair of strange people: « The younger generation has thought carefully, promise the elder generation! Promise the elder generation! » As soon as the Iron-footed Strange Man saw Yulin’s promise, he was greatly relieved and said, « I have a good talent in the Taiyi Sect. Even if I am a registered disciple, I think I will also glorify the Great Sect! »! Haha, hurry up and pay your respects to Shizu, and then pay your respects to your immediate master! Yulin obeyed and bowed three times to the first man, and then to the eleventh man, where he performed the ceremony of master and disciples. Thought, this man has become his own master, must look at his face! The eleventh man, named Hsu Shih-hsien, was tall and strong, with a face as white as jade. He was only in his forties, and there was a kind of awesome heroism between his eyebrows. It seemed that this man must have been an extraordinary person in his lifetime, but unfortunately he did not know how to die in middle age? Just as he was looking at him, the strange man with iron feet approached and gently put his hand on Yulin’s shoulder. « You master, » he said with a sigh, « you died a terrible death! »! I have been investigating this for 18 years, but I can’t find any clue. The reason is that no one is spared. You have become a disciple of this school. Whether you are registered or not, you should take this responsibility for me and pay attention to the investigation in Jianghu at any time. Yu Yun,Narrow aisle rack, Yulin replied in a heroic manner, « I obey your orders. » After the iron-footed monster bowed his head, he told the scene of Xu Shixian’s tragic death and where he lived in detail. omracking.com

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