The GTX 670 might be the mid-range flagship of the latest Kepler set of graphics cards, but their prices keep them out of the reach of most entry-level PC gamers. On the other hand, the GTX 660 is closer to being reasonably affordable at a price tag of 36; 229. The good news is, with the release of the GTX 660 Ti, the GTX 660 ‘s price is getting more discount. The frame-rate in this opening section, and indeed the later battle sequences in the Iraqi streets, generally wavers around the 45FPS mark on the 660, whereas the 660 Ti can push out up to 10FPS higher in coordinated situations. Dreaming big and targeting 60FPS in this case was always going to be off the cards though, seeing as even the more expensive entries in the GTX series struggle to hold ground here. Instead, the recommendation can go two ways; either customise the ultra preset to drop the included MSAA entirely and maintain a perceptual 60FPS, or maintain image quality and simply cap to 30FPS. Fortunately, even at its worst during battle, the 660 stays above that threshold, making it a viable option.

how good is the nvidia geforce 6150se nforce 430

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