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What else did Ren Xing want to say, but Yougan didn’t want to argue with him. He pretended to be impatient and said, « Or do you want to see me succeed, or do you feel wronged and want to carry on the family line? » Ren Xing immediately closed his mouth. He is not afraid to bear the infamy to be a courtier, but he can’t stand that there is someone else in your majesty’s harem! Even fake empresses and imperial concubines are not OK. He can’t let his man be labeled by others. Your Majesty is willing to tell the world, he likes it too late, just don’t want your Majesty to regret it. Ren Xing left the capital with 888. He wanted to finish the task as soon as possible and return to the capital. He also wanted to do things well. On the way, he hardly stopped. Everywhere he went, he asked the guards to inquire about the local people, focusing on some small beggars. Ren Xing used to be an orphan, wandering the streets, knowing that for the local security and the real implementation of the policy, the information of the little beggars is the most well-informed. And for a very small amount of money, they will be willing to tell the truth, and in order to get more money, they will say everything they know. With your majesty as the backing, Ren Xing will settle the case on the spot after he gets the solid evidence, put those who should be put in prison in prison, and select the temporary replacement candidate, and write a letter to send 888 back to the palace. 888 brought a lot of surprises to Ren Xing. Often the letter he wrote the first night was taken away by 888. When he got up the next morning, he could see His Majesty’s reply. And 888 is not tired at all, but also alive and kicking to go out to play. But 888 never speaks human language in front of people, just like ordinary parrots. The guards only knew that it was your majesty’s pet and could not be offended. Half a month after Ren Xing left the capital, he learned that after he left the capital,ghana seed extract, the Minister of Rites proposed to change the rule of three years of mourning for parents to one year. Your Majesty not only approved the proposal of the Minister of Rites, but also changed the time limit of the official Ding You to one month. If there is a big filial son who wants to abandon his official residence and observe filial piety for three years, your majesty will also allow him to play. If you want to re-enter the court as an official, you must take the unified examination of the government and compete for vacancies. If they lose the election, they can only wait for the next year. Three years after the death of his parents, he did not eat meat and fish, and was no longer a model of filial piety. Instead, he was reprimanded by His Majesty for not caring about his body, just to fulfill his’name of filial piety ‘and make his parents uneasy underground. Foolish filial piety,turmeric extract powder, but also reprimanded only to cherish their own reputation, but harm their parents bear the infamy, is the greatest unfilial piety. Filial sons are no longer a plus in the selection of officials, without any privileges! But those who are not filial are still unable to enter the court as officials. This change, which almost changed the tradition for thousands of years, unexpectedly did not attract the opposition of courtiers, and was quickly recognized by everyone. In fact, apart from a few pedantic people, there are a few people who are really strict in filial piety. If you don’t eat meat for three years, you will drive a lot of people crazy. As long as there are conditions, they used to change their ways to eat secretly. Unless it’s a real vegetarian. Your Majesty’s new order, we can finally eat meat fair and square, no longer need to worry about eating a mouthful of meat to be stabbed in the spine. There are also those who are of marriageable age, but when their elders die, they wait for three years, or even six years. Even if they are really filial sons and worthy grandsons, akba boswellic acid ,pumpkin seed extract, after their life events are delayed, they will always feel resentful. Now it is changed to one year, which not only fulfills filial piety, but also avoids delaying the wedding date of children. In addition, those who are newly married and have not yet had children, but have met the period of filial piety, originally three years of filial piety can not have children, now changed to one year, they are most happy. Even old people are more happy with today’s situation. More children, more happiness, children and grandchildren, no old man will mind. Even if there are old people who want their children to observe filial piety for three years after his death, they dare not say it. If you really want to say it, your own children may have a problem with them. Your Majesty is not not to let people be filial to their parents, but to let everyone be more filial when their parents are still alive. After death, the dust returns to the dust. At that time, if you do filial piety again, even if you starve yourself to death, your parents will not be able to touch the light. Ren Xing does not believe that this proposal is the idea of the Minister of Rites, the Minister of Rites that old slippery, if not your majesty hinted that he would make the first bird? Sure enough, he wrote to ask your majesty, your majesty did not conceal him: « I want to marry Aiqing, since I will not let Aiqing bear the blame with me. ». Ren Xing read that sentence over and over again and laughed like a fool. He carefully put the note away and kept it close to his body. Take it out every day when you are tired, and it will be full of motivation.
Your Majesty is waiting for him in the capital! Ren Xing did not know that Yougan had written him a long letter to analyze with Ren Xing how much this policy would affect the atmosphere of the court and how many people could be added to the country in ten or twenty years. In order to prove that he was a wise monarch, he did not mention their affair at all. He hopes to play the role of « perfect king » in front of Ren Xing and let Ren Xing worship him. But Ren Xing will want to see that? Once again, Yougan, who was ridiculed by 888, wrote only one love word as an answer at the suggestion of 888. Originally he still had some regrets, always felt too disgusting, lost the style of a wise emperor, like a fatuous monarch. But through 888, he saw that Ren Xing kept the note as a treasure, so he did not care about his image. Just a few words of love, Ren Xing likes to listen to, he will say a few more words later. A month after Ren Xing left the capital, Weixiang, King of Jin, finally entered the capital. After the travel-stained king of Jin entered the capital, the first thing he did was to worship the queen mother. Through the live broadcast of 888, Yougan watched the touching drama of the beautiful man crying and breaking the girl’s heart. ‘It’s Really touching. When my father died, the King of Jin didn’t shed any tears, but he had deep feelings for the Empress Dowager. ‘ Now even if the king of Jin said that he and the queen mother did not have a trick, Yougan would not believe it, that is, he did not know whether the king of Jin was involved in the poisoning of the late emperor. After the King of Jin worshipped the Empress Dowager, he stayed in the palace of the King of Jin and did not go out, but every day he asked to see Yougan. For the time being, Yougan could not be sure that the King of Jin was guilty, but he already had a prejudice against the man in his heart. He did not want to see the man for the time being, nor did he have the heart to play with him. He did not want to help Shuihua to see the King of Jin, so he temporarily treated the King cold. The emperor did not summon him, and the king of Jin did not know what he had thought of. From then on,carnosic acid price, he never went out again, nor did he pass the folding. He only carved a small man with wood every day in the mansion. After carving one, he held the wooden man in one hand and looked at him affectionately. He held the wine jar in the other hand and looked up and poured wine into his mouth. prius-biotech.com

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