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The Jaguar Activity Key Eliminates the Need to Carry Your Primary KeyThe Jaguar Activity Key is a lightweight wristband that eliminates need for you to carry your main key fob. It’s perfect for things like boating, hiking, and running to run errands around Huntington Harbor.To make use of it, shut off your vehicle and keep your normal key fob inside the cabin. Press and hold the release button on the tailgate to activate the Activity Key antennae for 30 seconds.Locking and unlocking your vehicleThe last thing you’ll need to do when you’re on-the-go is take a few minutes to search through your pockets or purse to find your Jaguar keyfob. The good news is that your new Jaguar XE has technology that will eliminate this hassle in Rumson and Colts Neck. It’s known as the Activity Key and is a lightweight wristband that can unlock and lock your car. It works by recognizing your traditional Jaguar smart key fob that is still inside the car. Simply press the tailgate release button to activate the antenna on the Activity Key, and then press it against the Jaguar « J » emblem on the rear of the tailgate of your vehicle. After a short time the hazard light will flash to show that your vehicle is secured and locked.The Activity Key is roughly the same size as a Fitbit sports-activity monitor. It’s also waterproof and sweatproof. It even has a convenient wristband extension that accommodates various sizes. Consumer Guide tested it and found that it worked well.If you’d like to include the convenience of Keyless Entry to your Jaguar XE contact us at Jaguar Monmouth. We’ll help you upgrade your vehicle with a $1200 Convenience Pack that includes an electric tailgate that opens and closes automatically and an electric-folding heated mirror in the door with aft lights for increased visibility.Locking your vehicle even when you’re not in itThe Jaguar Activity Key allows you to take part in outdoor activities like mountain biking, ski and kayaking in Glen Cove without having to carry around an ordinary keyfob. The Activity Key wristband lets you lock and unlock your car when you’re enjoying these outdoor activities.To use the Jaguar Activity Key without being inside your vehicle, ensure the doors are closed and the tailgate is open. Release the tailgate to activate the Jaguar Activity Key and then, place your wristband in the letter « J ». After this is done your car will open and the hazard light will turn on.This method is simpler for modern cars with the power door lock buttons located on the armrest. For older vehicles, you will need to insert a rod or a wire clothes hanger into the space between the window frames on the front door and the body. This means you can slide or depress the door’s flipper or button to unlock it. Once you’ve opened the door you can use your wristband to control all of the buttons in the vehicle.Storing your key fob in your vehicleOne way to prevent fumbling around with your key fob is to put it in your vehicle. If you keep it in a pocket or on your belt, or within easy reach in the console, you will be able to easily gain access to your vehicle without having to go through the hassle of a complicated locking system. Make sure that your Jaguar XE has sensed the key fob before you try to open a door or unlock it, and you’ll be good to go!Another benefit of having your key fob in your vehicle is that you can use it to activate the panic button. This feature is intended to deter criminals from your vehicle when you are in a remote area, such as the parking garage, which means that you have time to respond. The alarm will sound when you press the button, and this should dissuade criminals.If you notice that the range of your Wichita key fob is diminishing it’s time to replace it. replacement jaguar key in your Jaguar vehicle might also show SMARTKEY LOW, so you can address the issue. To replace the battery, slide or remove the fob cover and use the emergency key blade to break the body. Then, you can insert a brand new CR2032 battery with the positive side facing upwards and then replace the cover and make sure it clicks securely in place.Pairing your vehicle key with your keyJaguar models come with advanced technology that enhances your driving experience. One example of this is keyless entry which allows you the freedom to unlock your vehicle without having to search for keys or scouring your pockets. To make use of this feature, just place your smart key fob close to the Jaguar XE, and it will recognize it. If you pull the door handle, the alarm will be deactivated and the vehicle will not be locked.You can lock your vehicle with the Jaguar Activity Key for even greater security. This wristband is ideal for those who prefer to go on active adventures like mountain biking or hiking, in Glen Cove. Press the tailgate button to turn on the antenna. Then, you can hold your wristband up against the Jaguar « J » to secure the vehicle.If you’re interested in trying this useful feature in your Jaguar XE Contact us today at Jaguar Monmouth! We’re proud to offer a full range of expert auto repair services, and can help you get your new smart key fob programed or replaced. Check out our auto service deals for amazing discounts when you visit us next time.

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