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Frost Free Retro Fridge FreezersFrost-free refrigerator freezers don’t require regular defrosting. This is due to the fact that they use an element of heat to melt the frost and stop it from building up. They also use less energy than regular refrigerators.With stunning colors and chrome flourishes, this retro refrigerator will add style to any kitchen. It’s slim, Energy Star-certified, and online reviews say it cools quietly and quickly.iio RM1The Iio refrigerator RM1 circulates air more efficiently due to its 12 air flow ports. This allows it to cool food items to the perfect temperature. The drawers for the roll-out freezer glide open for instant access to frozen treats and snap-frozen vegetables. It also comes with an amazing chrome retro handle that is an exquisite jewelled accent to the color draped sheet metal finish.This refrigerator is ideal for any apartment or dorm. It is ENERGY certified and can fit into tight spaces.Iio RM1 is an ideal blend of nostalgia modern angles and most recent technology. The slim retro-mod refrigerator is available in gorgeous wine red, black, cream and white color options to complement your decor and features the top fresh food area that is frost-free, a bottom freezer, a top area, a bottom freezer, bright LED illumination and 3 shelves of safety glass. It’s cool, stylish and enjoyable. The iioRM1 is where style meets functionality. This refrigerator has an 11 cu. ft.iio RM2iio RM2 is a robust, reliable solution to monitor your refrigeration system. retro looking fridge freezer Frydge is easy-to-install and provides accurate information regarding temperature, power consumption, and the status of your compressor. Iio RM2 is ideal for applications with refrigeration systems and air conditioning units. It has a great price/performance ratio and is highly adaptable. It can be used to monitor one refrigeration unit, several refrigeration units, or even an entire air conditioning plants. Iio RM2 is equipped with the option of a USB or RS232 connection and an auto-shutdown feature. It is recommended that only technicians with the appropriate education should work on this module. All power sources should be disconnected. The PCB has sensitive electronics that can be damaged if static discharge occurs.iio RM3The IORM3 is a three-stage Relay Module with an integrated temperature sensor for heating/cooling system. It is a versatile module that is able to work in a variety of applications that include lighting control panels, control panels, heating and cooling circuits, power switching. The IORM3 comes in a variety of input voltages and operating modes (both ac & dc), and has an on/off button that helps conserve energy. It also has an ascending cage connector that is compatible with mm2 cables.Installation: The IORM3 should be installed by a properly trained technician who is familiar with working on equipment that could generate dangerous voltages (>5ac and 100ac or >75Vdc & 150Vdc) and understands the risks of static discharge.iio RM4iio RM4 is the latest version of the iio fridge freezer range, giving customers more options than ever. This frost-free retro style refrigerator boasts a number of remarkable features, including a huge capacity and an easy-to-clean interior. It also comes with the stainless steel finish that is perfect for any kitchen. In addition the iio RM4 is Energy Star qualified and has the lowest energy consumption. This makes it an green alternative to other refrigerators on the market.The iio has ample storage space with several shelves, as well as a separate rack for wine. Its sleek design is ideal for any kitchen, and the ice cube dispenser is a great way to keep drinks cool. You can also select from a range of colors that will make your kitchen look more stylish. Additionally, this model is quiet and simple to operate.The stainless steel finish of the iio RM4 is robust and will not fade over time. The LED display is easy to read and bright. The door opens wide, bringing convenience. The iio RM4 comes with an electronic temperature control that allows you to set the temperature of your choice and keep food and drinks at the proper temperature. This feature is especially beneficial if you’re freezing a meal or snack. It keeps food cooler for a longer time.The iio Rm4 is a high-performance refrigerator freezer that is environmentally friendly. This model comes with an energy efficient LED display and a powerful compressor. It is also quiet and has a tiny footprint, making it the perfect refrigerator for kitchens of all sizes.The iio RM4 offers an old-fashioned retro style that can save you energy and money. Its large interior, sleek design and easy installation make it a perfect option for any home. This frost-free retro fridge freezer is available in a variety of finishes and is simple to set up. Its quiet operation, and the high-performance air compressor are only two reasons this is an extremely popular choice for modern kitchens.

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