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« Our men are being beheaded! »! Do you know that those bastards are stripping the bodies of our countrymen and hanging them on the trees! You know what they call that? It’s called a’dry string  »! « . Jin Yunxi closed his eyes and stopped looking at Yuchi Huali’s face. And the anger on her face. What the *** are we now? Shy face said to protect the people of Fanzhou, now the people have been made into a’dry string ‘, but we are ***ing scared to come out here, you- « threw the inkstone on the table, the ink in the inkstone splashed all over them. ». Jin Yunxi slowly opened his eyes and stood up across the table. He walked up to Yuchi Huali and slapped him in the face. She was beaten. « Do you know what you just said is enough for me to dismiss you? »? How could a commander in chief with nearly eighty thousand soldiers’ lives in his hands say such irresponsible words! You are not a bandit now, you are the supreme commander of the army of Fanzhou, your responsibility is to keep Fanzhou within a hundred miles. Protect the lives of all the people! It’s not impulsive to cut whoever you want! Listen. If you dare to take people out of the city without permission, immediately engage in military justice! Yuchi Huali wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth and said nothing. And rushed out of the door. Only Jin Yunxi and Zhong Lilian were left in the room, and both of them stood still for a long time. I’ll go and see her. Zhong Lilian was really a little afraid that Yuchi Huali’s brain was congested for a while and did not listen to advice. Don’t worry, she is no longer the Huali she used to be. She still knows the four words of taking the overall situation into account. Don’t go out yet. I have something to discuss with you. Rubbing her hot palms, she was so angry that she used her brute strength. It seemed that she had hit her hard enough. So what now? If she didn’t save Su Congcong, she might have been killed by the mob. « It seems that we have really made a mistake. We only want to expand the influence of Fanzhou, but we have forgotten the truth that too much is as bad as too little. The folk customs of the six northern countries are more wild than those of the south. Although it is a holy word to govern violence with benevolence, it can be used in reality. » Pinch up Su Cong Cong’s letters,tin beneficiation plant, « Endure, it’s really too hard. » Put down the letter, « Zhong Li, this time may have to trouble you again, I want you to go to the two countries, the court of these two countries is relatively mild,coltan ore processing, and did not instigate the people to slaughter Fanzhou people, I want to start with them. » « You want to break them up one by one? » With a sneer, he clenched his fist and slowly loosened it, leaving a thin blood stain in the palm of his hand. A slender blade slid onto the table. « This time we must let them know that Fanzhou is not something that anyone can bully. The people of Fanzhou are not ants. How much they kill, how much responsibility they should bear. » What about Su Congcong? According to the spy, thousands of Van merchants have been killed where she is now, and I’m afraid she’ll be in danger if it’s too late. « Let Hua Li go. » Zhong Lilian laughed out loud. « Didn’t you just ban her from leaving the city? » « She has to learn how to control her temper. There are many more difficult things waiting for her in the future. At that time, we can’t help her even if we want to. As a leader, the most important thing is to keep a clear mind at all times. I want her to get rid of the problem of impulse. » « Are you sure you won’t make things worse? » « When a person’s anger turns into a deep one, she will understand what she should do, magnetic separator machine ,mineral flotation, Zhong Li.. » With a sigh, he rubbed the blood on his hands. « I just found one thing now. » « What? » « We must unify the six northern countries, otherwise there will be more and more massacres. » Handed a cotton handkerchief to her, « a boycott of Fanzhou businessmen is so difficult to solve, want to unify, I am afraid it is difficult to reach the sky! » « So I may become the most brutal woman in history! » « Don’t worry, we won’t let you get this’good ‘reputation alone. » Turning his head with a smile, « I forgot to ask you something. Will this mission be very difficult? » Zhong Lilian covered her mouth and smiled. « When did you become so kind? »? Which mission is easy? « But I have even been drilled under the collapse of others, there is nothing to be afraid of! » I’m sorry.
” « No, people who have humiliated me don’t have a good ending. I’m not a kind-hearted Bodhisattva. I’m a snake and scorpion who can only get revenge! » Invincible Two in Fifty-five Battles « Marshal, there are more than a hundred people downstairs. » Xiao Si whispered in her ear, but he didn’t get any answer. Pushing aside the broken wood on the stairs, purple blood was everywhere on the dilapidated stairs, and Su Cong Cong’s little servant girl, Ya Zi, was lying naked on the threshold, with a purple knife edge on her neck. Xiao Si and other male soldiers turned their backs and stopped looking at the past. Yuchi Huali squatted down calmly, pulled the tablecloth next to her and wrapped her body. He turned around and told Xiao Si, « Take her back well. » Seeing that they were still on their backs, « Listen, it’s not the dead who should be humiliated here, it’s us. There’s nothing we can’t see. I want you to see all this clearly and see how incompetent we are! » « Yes! » A dozen men turned to pick up the remains of the dead on the ground. Opening the wardrobe, suddenly a bright steel knife stabbed Yuchi Huali in the throat. She bowed her head and grabbed the handle of the knife. Su Congcong was still alive, but maybe she wished she was dead. At the moment, she could only get despair, fear and blood from her eyes! Two people compete with wrist strength, Su Cong Cong did not give up resistance because she is Wei Chi Hua Li, at the moment in her eyes, everyone is an enemy. Bang- « Yuchi Huali slapped her in the mouth and made her mouth ooze blood. ». Su Cong Cong’s forehead hit the wall, and with a splash, a string of blood plasma jumped out of her nose, and the bright red blood plasma dripped onto her naked chest. All of a sudden. She smiled. After wiping the blood off his nose with his hand, he stabbed the blade of the steel knife into his chest and was grabbed by Yuchi Huali. « You didn’t choose to die just now,manganese beneficiation plant, but you can’t die now. » Glancing at her naked body, « Chastity is not worth dying for. » Su Congcong’s face was full of tears, but he bit his lower lip to keep from crying.

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