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Types of Personal Injury CompensationYou may be eligible for compensation if suffered an injury as a result of negligence or the wrongdoing of another party. Talk to an attorney who specializes in personal injury near you to learn more about the damages you could receive.In personal injury cases, there are two types of damages that may occur both economic and non-economic. This article will explore these categories and show how they may impact the amount of compensation you’re legally entitled to.Economic DamagesA person could be entitled to financial compensation when they are injured in an accident. These damages can include medical expenses, lost earnings and property damage.Often, these kinds of injuries can be quite costly especially in the event of serious injuries. This is because they will require intensive treatment. As they heal, victims may require prescription medication or mobility equipment.The cost of these expenses can be astronomical quickly, and it is crucial to keep receipts for them. These receipts can help you prove the true value of your losses and increase your compensation.In personal injury cases, lost earnings and future income are common types of economic damages. This is due to the fact that the victim may be in a position of no work for months, weeks or even years after an accident. In these situations the victim must receive the amount they would have received if they had been able to work.If someone is disabled or a family member passes away due to an accident, the victim could be eligible to receive damages for life care services. These services include home health, nursing and physical therapy.Many people require assistance with the same tasks they did before their accident. These include house chores, driving a car and caring for the outdoor, and providing care for the dependent family member.In these situations an attorney may be competent to provide receipts and bills as well as other evidence of the cost of these items. They may also hire experts to testify about the value of these damages.These damages are valued differently depending on the specific requirements of the victim as well as the circumstances surrounding the incident. A jury will typically look at a variety of factors when determining an award for economic damages.These damages can include:The two most painful things in this world are pain and suffering.This is usually granted to victims of serious accidents who have suffered emotional or physical injuries as a result of the accident. These awards can range from small (a couple of dollars for pain and suffering) to massive amounts of money (millions of dollars in a case of wrongful death).Emotional distressThis kind of damage is aimed at compensating the emotional stress that an injury can cause a victim. It covers things like depression, anxiety, and loss of enjoyment in life.DisfigurementAn injured person who is permanently damaged as a result of an accident may be eligible for this. It is costly as many require surgery and other treatments to correct or remove the disfigurements.Loss of friendship and consortiumThis damages award is designed to pay for the loss of loved ones as a result. personal injury lawyer colorado springs is especially important for those who have children or dependents.The award of non-economic damages is an independent part of the legal system, distinct from economic damages, and is more rare. Non-economic damages are subject to a greater burden of proof, however they are often more difficult to value than economic damages, and they are not subject to the same limitations as economic damages.

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