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Out of the rubble of trees and villas on the ground there were black shadows curled up around the platform The black snake lay dying on the ground almost all its scales lifted and the air was filled with blood and the smell of burning It curled around the platform head to tail as if it were asleep The top of the black snake’s head has two black smooth horns Still a boundless starry sky the Natural Products and Extracts white moon sat on the ground holding her legs in silence and putting her head on her knees After a while she took a few deep breaths and slowly calmed down Sometimes this is the case There is no such thing as getting something for nothing in the world If she wants to live longer she has to go through these life and death even with guilt love and hatred from others In fact when she saw the mark in Vientiane Tao Te Ching she no longer thought that the white dove had mistaken her for someone else It was clearly her own handwriting and habits No matter how many task worlds she had experienced with the help of the panel she would blur the memory and feelings of these task worlds What impressed her most in her mind was her own life The white dove may be the person she will meet in her future mission After she finished the mission she went on to other worlds but the white dove waited for her in situ for many years She thought of the woman on the relief and at the same time the corners of her mouth gradually outlined a smile She was looking forward to seeing the white dove again White moon does not hate this way of life live a long time experience life see all kinds of life although occasionally there will be regret but regret will only make this life more beautiful The white moon reached out and touched the panel feeling her memories and emotions gradually blurred Her personal information emerged on the panel Name Bai Yue Gender Female Age 20 Appearance 73 Intelligence 60 Physical strength 55 Glamour 55 Lucky 70 Force 35 Skills Gui Yi Jue Medical Skill Poison Skill Five Elements and Eight Diagrams Skill (Primary) Wanxiang Tao Te Ching Dragon Guardian Number of tasks completed 5 Allocable Points 3 Reward Double Doll (Permanently Bound) In this mission her physical strength charm and force value have increased but the most important thing is that she has two more skills The white moon reached out to touch these two skills with a gentle expression In front of her eyes there seemed to be the figure of the stubborn teenager who stuck behind her Thank you Turtle Add the allocation points to the physical strength the column of physical strength becomes 58 and the white moon opens the next task When Bai Yuechu first came into the world the timing was not very good She was dizzy GlobalChemMall her ears were buzzing and the hot and humid liquid was sliding down her forehead There was a lot of noise and discussion around With the buzz of an ambulance ringing in her ears she was carried to a stretcher in pain and passed out with her eyes closed The Xu family is a scholarly family in the capital can be considered famous Xu Baiyue is the eldest daughter of the Xu family in the capital the family has been very strict with her since childhood She basically had no childhood and grew up in the training class all day so she seemed to be a little indifferent Xu Baiyue also has a younger brother and sister perhaps because of her education made her grow into a calm and indifferent temperament so the Xu family for the youngest sister’s education and her completely opposite it is simply spoiled to grow up The youngest sister was used to coaxing people to act like a spoiled child and occupied all the sight of her family Xu Baiyue didn’t care about the neglect of her family She went abroad to study for a few years After she came back under the arrangement of the Xu family she married Hua Le Zhan who had the same family They were satisfied with each other and got married One year after marriage she gave birth to a lovely boy The combination of Xu Baiyue and Hua Lezhan is more related to family interests just feel that they are suitable for each other and there is no other feelings Even if they have been married for a year and have children the feelings between them are still very clear Hua Le Zhan is good enough but his temperament is similar to that of Xu Baiyue both of whom are indifferent However he is different from other people This man is handsome and rich but he will not mess around outside He is clean and responsible for his family
Xu Baiyue actually felt that she was very lucky For the Xu family she was a chess piece for marriage But it is also a good thing to spend a lifetime with a person like Hua Lezhan Although there is no strong love between two people Agrochemicals but with the passage of time there will be a lifetime of affection Xu Baiyue is also very fond of her only child Hua Tongtong but when she grew up under the education of the Xu family she did not know how to get along with Hua Tongtong at all When facing Hua Tongtong she was always at a loss so that Hua Tongtong did not like to be close to her and even suffered from mild autism under the indifference of her parents When Hua Lezhan and Xu Baiyue realized this problem they both reflected on themselves and spent more time with Tong Tong They were relieved to see that Tong Tong’s situation was getting better and better However the accident soon happened When Xu Baiyue went to the kindergarten to pick up the child from school she crossed an intersection and suddenly ran out of a girl who ran a red light In order to avoid her Xu Baiyue hit the steering wheel and hit the car next to her The car owner next to her was fine Instead Xu Baiyue was hit and fainted She was sent to the hospital with the girl who was frightened and fainted When I woke up I was a different person Chapter 51 the life taken away 01 Xu Baiyue felt that she had fallen asleep for a long time so long that she felt something was wrong but her mind was like a fog and she could not wake up By the time she woke up it was a month later She always felt empty when she woke up but before she could think she was taken home by someone who claimed to be her mother The house was crowded and narrow which made it difficult for her to turn around Her brother and brother were also indifferent to her Xu Baiyue told her mother about her amnesia but the fat and dirty middle-aged woman would only slap her on the back and tell her not to make trouble and hurry to work

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