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Email backup: You might want to make a copy of your email information in order to be legally compliant, for instance. Another scenario that occurs frequently is when users of our email migration tool want to back up their existing mailbox data to another account before deleting it from the primary mailbox. This is especially useful when using a free email service if storage restrictions are in place.

Website: Backup Imap Email | Gmail Backup Software

Renaming the domain:

You must establish new mailboxes with the new domain name and move your old emails to the new mailboxes when the name of your domain (for instance, changes.

Tip: To ensure that any data received at your old email address is immediately transmitted to your new email account after the migration, we advise using the mailbox sync option offered by several email migration software.

StThe structuref the business has changed:

After substantial alterations to the corporate structuran emaorganizationals frequently necessary: For instance, data must be moved after a merger or purchase of a business. Additionally, several email accounts may need to be combined when a worker leaves the firm or the organisational structure inside the company changes.

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