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Jiang Han only grinned, did not answer, he remembered what his father said, and the broker said later, Lao Tzu should be more reliable than the broker and the company now, the signing time is not long, he still went back to his father’s studio. Yan Zhiqiang went downstairs and watched the nanny car go away, while he could only take a bus to the new film and television city. He gritted his teeth and thought, what is a star? What is the second generation of stars. He will be more popular than them later. After swearing, he could only go to the new film and television city to play a corpse, and even if he played a corpse, a lot of people rushed to play, not necessarily his turn. Wearing a costume, covered with dirt, he squatted in the corner of the studio, his clothes behind him were soaked with sweat, watching the leading actor surrounded by people, taking water, fanning, makeup, all around him, the scenery is infinite, his ambition is slowly growing. Luo Heng packed up some things to move outside to rent a house, did not bring too much, enough to use on the line, the bed in the dormitory was not dismantled, maybe there is a chance to sleep. After cleaning and tidying the house again,plastic pallet manufacturer, he sat in the study. When I turned on my computer, I saw a pop-up advertisement-thick hair, you deserve it. It was an advertisement worth sending, and he didn’t care. After turning it off, click on the surveillance software to observe the whereabouts of several people under surveillance, and there is no abnormal activity location. He thought for a moment and contacted the illegitimate son of Xiao Jiada. Once again received a message from the mysterious man, although the illegitimate son suspected his motives, but thought that with the help of the mysterious man, what he did, what surveillance evidence can be easily destroyed. Without evidence,stackable plastic pallets, even if someone suspects, what can he do. Did not terminate the cooperation, anyway, this mysterious man did, a look is Xiao Li enemy, they work together, I believe Xiao Li will soon be pushed down, he will have the opportunity to replace him, get a big Xiao family. Thinking of this, he was so excited that his breath became thick. And here comes the opportunity again. So Xiao Li’s last car accident injury is not good, today there is another car accident, old injuries add new injuries, he almost has a psychological shadow on driving. Perhaps because of the halo of the protagonist, the accident was very lucky, only a broken leg. Get the result, Luo Heng knocked on the computer to think, in the plot, he is not quite like to make a car accident, then let him experience a few more times. As for the two of the Feng family, plastic trash bins ,collapsible bulk container, let Feng’s father deal with them first. If he handles them lightly and doesn’t care about the dead ones, don’t blame him for destroying his family’s happiness. Although there is nothing Feng Chengyu, but since he enjoyed the right, it should also have the obligation to repay a little, not to mention the plot he may not be so innocent, how can not know Xiao Li to help him remove obstacles. Maybe he just looked on coldly and let others solve everything for him, and then he continued to be an innocent and kind person. For these, he has always been the greatest malicious speculation, if the speculation is wrong, what to do, wrong is wrong, does not affect the results. Chapter 93 The plane landed, just turned off the flight mode, and there was a signal. Jiang Han received a text message, Ye Zhou said he rented a house outside, today has moved home, after not living in the dormitory, asked him to go to see, do not recognize the way. It also sent a location address. Looking at this message, he was angry. He tried to go back to the dormitory every day for whom, but now he said he would move away. I don’t care about his mood. But wait! He read the information carefully again, savoring it word by word for a while. You’re not inviting him to live together, are you? This, the action is also too fast, yesterday just good, today can’t wait to live together? That’s a good idea. He knew that most of the rental houses outside the school were occupied by couples of college students. I didn’t think he was going to be one of them. Embarrassed, he pursed his lips with a clear cough and quickly replied. But he has to think about it. He can’t move too fast. He has to be reserved. Some people are easy to get and will soon be bored and thrown aside, but can not lose his appetite too much, otherwise they may suddenly lose interest and turn away, ten cows will not come, and can not be too sweet, too sweet will soon be bored, can not be clingy, can not control too wide, can not directly show possessive desire.. Jiang Han’s mind came up with a big summary, there are hundreds of details, he was shocked, when he summed up, too incisive! But how did he sum it up.
But he believed it was true, and his premonition was so strong. In this way, Ye Zhou is a scum monster. This kind of person deserves to be single for tens of thousands of years. Why can’t he figure out how to take over. He has to think. But when he saw the man and saw the smile on his lips, he could not help turning up the corners of his mouth, and his thoughts wavered again. Forget it. Let’s talk about it later. Maybe I’m tired of it first. It’s not too late to break up. Who doesn’t have an ex-boyfriend these days. Although I think so confidently, I always feel a little guilty. What’s going on. He tries to ask: « Ye Zhou, why do you want to move out to live, the dormitory lives well. » Luo Heng sees him unusual, say so: « Want to do bit of happy thing with you, the school does not let go. » Jiang Han: « ..!! » Such an obvious hint, this, this, how does he play Tai Chi? How are you doing in the commercial? Did you drink and play with people? See his guilty little eyes, Luo Hengdao. Play Accent. That’s the point. No, no. How can I drink? Do I want to sing? Jiang Han hurriedly shook his head, the desire to survive is very strong, « also did not go out to mess around. » « Well, you can have a look around. It’s getting late. Are you going back to the dormitory tonight? » Come, come, and turn the corner to ask him about cohabitation. I’ll go back to my own house, which is not far from Qingshan Xiaoju, so I won’t bother you. In spite of this,plastic pallet manufacturer, the footsteps did not move, and the man was still sitting steadily. Qingshan Xiaoju is a villa area with beautiful scenery. « Well, tell me when you leave that I have something to do in the study. » Then he left. Shan and Xi «  » Jiang Han: « .. » Why are you so cold and heartless? Can’t you say something to keep him? At least you mean to see him off and press the road together. cnplasticpallet.com

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