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« Is it true that after Chen Yaodong was arrested, the police also arrested his son Chen Tianqi? » « Is it convenient to disclose? » …… In the face of a group of reporters at the gate of the police station, several captains asked a series of bombing questions. Without answering a word, they turned to the police behind them and said, « You guys, stop the reporters. » Dropping down such a sentence, several captains took a difficult step through the army of journalists and struggled to escort the suspect into the police station. The captain of the first team reported: « Director Zhang, the suspect has been brought. » « Put them in the interrogation room first, and I will interrogate them later. » « Understood! » The first team leader then escorted Chen Tianqi to the interrogation room and warned him in an impolite tone: « Stay honest and don’t play any tricks! » In the interrogation room, Chen Tianqi wore handcuffs, folded his hands on the back of his head and began to close his eyes and rest, looking very comfortable, completely like sleeping in the interrogation room. Behind the single perspective glass mirror in the interrogation room stood several captains and several other policemen, because Director Zhang Jianping was about to personally interrogate Chen Tianqi, so these people came to watch and learn. This boy is quite rampant. He’s still so calm when he’s dying. Can he sleep? The captain of the second team spoke. The captain of the third team saw Chen Tianqi’s calm appearance through the see-through glass,Serum Bottle With Dropper, and agreed: « Indeed, compared with the big brothers who were locked up just now, this psychological quality is really good. Maybe it’s because he knows he can’t run away, so he accepts his fate. I just don’t know if he can be so calm when the director goes in. » « Coming, coming, the director went in. » Zhang Jianping and another policeman walked into the interrogation room and said directly to Chen Tianqi: « All the members of the’Chasing Gold ‘group have been captured by us,30ml Dropper Bottle, and all the weapons have been seized. There are no casualties on our side. The task of this’anti-crime operation’ has been successfully completed. There will be no more’Chasing Gold ‘organizations in society in the future. » Chen Tianqi looked up at Zhang Jianping, gave a faint cry, and then asked lazily: « Did I finish my task? » « Well, you finished the task very well, thanks to you this time, thanks to your hard work, Xing Kai, welcome back! » The captain of the first team was full of surprise: « What is the situation? »? Did I hear you right? « Is he Xing Kai? »? Is it the Xing Kai that the director said was going to be transferred from the FBI to our Bureau recently? The captain of the four teams was also surprised. We’ve been arresting them for a long time, and we’ve arrested our own people? There is too much information today, and I need to digest it. The famous Xing Kai, we actually saw a real person today! Undercover operation Three months ago, Glass Cream Jars ,Oil Dropper Bottle, FBI headquarters. Jason :Hi, Kai, There is a phone call for you from China. Hi, Kai, there is a call from China for you. Kai :OK I see, thanks. Xing Kai picked up the phone, and the other end of the phone was Zhang Jianping, director of the Jingbei City Public Security Bureau. The other party spoke first: « Xing Kai, we have received your application for transfer. I will not beat around the Bush. It is reasonable to say that you have been abroad for so many years and returned to China after such a long time. As an uncle, I should invite you to dinner and welcome you. ». However, we are currently investigating a major weapons trading organization. This group of people have been entrenched for many years. Because they have a large number of weapons in their hands, the police cannot act without authorization. Last time, although their leaders were arrested according to the information from our informants, we still cannot know the exact location of the weapons production. The meaning of the top is that this criminal gang must be completely destroyed, this is your first task to return home, as for this reception. When you finish the task successfully, your uncle will supply you. Xing Kai is not interested in the reception banquet, but is very interested in the case. « Give it to me, send me all the information you have investigated, and I will understand the case first. ».
” « All the information about the case has been sent to your private mailbox. If you need our assistance, you can ask directly. We will do our best to cooperate with you. » Then Xing Kai hung up the phone and saw Jason coming to him angrily with a document. That’s Xing Kai’s resignation application. Jason is Xing Kai’s working partner in the FBI. He is a native American. He is 1.83 meters tall and obviously shorter than Xing Kai, who is 1.87 meters tall. Although in the FBI training for several years, the skill is not bad, but it is no match for Xing Kai. Appearance. Since one is American and the other is Chinese, it is not easy to compare. But judging from the frequency of female police officers in the Bureau chatting up and asking for contact information, and from time to time winking at Xing Kai, Xing Kai is still slightly better in terms of appearance. As a native American, he thinks that even his American English is not as authentic as Xing Kai’s, which is rather embarrassing. Of course, these are small things, put aside these things are floating clouds, the two are indeed very compatible partners in work, working together in the FBI for three years, the two have solved many difficult cases hand in hand, in addition to the working relationship,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, the two are good brothers. You can imagine how Jason felt when he knew that his good brother was going to resign and return home. Are you going to resign and go back to China ? Are you kidding me ?” Jason was a little angry and asked Xing Kai. Are you going to resign and go back to China? Are you kidding me? “Sorry, Jason. There ’s something I have to do.There’s someone I have to see, There ‘s a promise I have to keep.So …… . ”。

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